QLD Itch Pack


This pack has been specifically designed & put together to target this condition that affects so many horses.

It includes a two-part process

  1. Internally via our Healthy Hemp Oil Support & our Vitamin & Mineral Supplement to boost the immune system which generates overall health & wellbeing. This becomes evident in the horse's coat.
  2. Externally via Healthy Hemp Support Spray & Nick Off All Natural Fly & Insect Spray. These two products support & enhance the internal changes when applied topically.

The two work hand in hand which is why when followed correctly they have the potential to be successful. The results of which we are seeing on a continual basis.

2 x 1 litre Healthy Hemp Oil Support

20ml Syringed over tongue daily.

1 x 3kg Hemp Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Pellets

Hemp Vitamin and Mineral Supplement.

Small/Medium Horse - 1/23 cup per day.

Large Horse - 3/4 cup per day.

1 x Healthy Hemp Support Spray

Apply topically to affected areas late afternoon/early evening.

1 x 750 ml Nick Off All Natural Fly & Insect Repellent Spray

When required use during daylight hours to affected areas.